Inspire the next generation of GPs

GP training facilities are general practices where registrars hone their GP skills, gaining invaluable real-world experience under the mentorship of experienced GPs. In short, it's where the next generation of GPs are made.

GP training facilities are vitally important. The formative experience and exposure young GPs gain in the practice makes the difference between being a good GP and a great one.

A GP training facility give registrars the support and exposure they need and mould promising GPs into exceptional ones.

As a training facility, you can give registrars the experience they need to become the best GPs they can be. Enrich your practice with the new skills, insights and knowledge GP registrars bring with them.

Placement process

Matching GP registrars with GP training facilities

The WAGPET placement platform enables registrars and practices to submit match requests for placements in the following year.

Become a training facility

Nurture GP talent in the community

Take your passion for sharing medical knowledge further by training and mentoring the next generation of GPs. Extend your practice's capacity and impact. Your community and the registrars you train will thank you for it.