Becoming a Training Facility

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Becoming a Training Facility

What is an Accredited Training Facility?

An accredited training facility is a practice and GP supervisor that are able and willing to provide GP registrars with the level of supervision, teaching and educational experience to support their progress through the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program.

Training facilities are accredited via WAGPET with either the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) or the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) depending on the location and range of experiences they can offer the GP registrar.

Training Facility Accreditation Process

If you are interested in becoming an accredited training facility, please fill in the new training facility accreditation enquiry form.

What do we need to become accredited?

To be an accredited training facility, you will need to demonstrate you have the following attributes, and can meet and maintain respective college requirements:

  1. The facility has been an operating General Practice for at least 12 months.
  2. The practice has been accredited by AGPAL or GPA. 
  3. The practice sees a full range of patients including all age groups and both sexes. 
  4. As part of the college requirements the practice will be able to provide a patient load of 4 patients per hour
  5. The practice supervisors will be able to provide the required supervision and teaching. 
  6. A well-equipped consulting room will be available for a registrar for all their consulting hours at the practice.
  7. The practice has at least one nominated Supervisor who is dedicated to teaching, providing guidance and support to registrars
  8. The supervisor has no restrictions on their scope of practice from AHPRA, and is Vocationally Registered. 

College Accreditation Requirements

Practices can choose to be accredited by one or both of the colleges to train GP registrars.

ACRRM Accreditation

Rural practices and GPs who meet the ACRRM Standards for Supervisors and Teaching Posts in rural and remote medicine can apply to WAGPET for consideration as a training facility.

The ACRRM criteria for a training facility include:

  • located in a rural or remote location (MM 4-7)
  • provide appropriate training resources and be suitably-equipped to support teaching
  • have a documented teaching plan and provide structured, dedicated clinical teaching
  • provide a range of clinical learning opportunities.

The ACRRM criteria for a GP supervisor include:

  • sufficient qualifications to act as a supervisor or mentor
  • no less than five years full-time experience in rural or remote setting
  • demonstrated commitment and abilities as a teacher.

Please visit the ACRRM website for full details of the standards to be met by GPs and practices to become involved in rural general practice training.

RACGP Accreditation

To be accredited with the RACGP your practice must meet the three criteria against the RACGP Standards for trainers and training facilities. These are the standards against which all providers of vocational training for Australian GPs will be measured, assessed and monitored.

It describes the expected outcomes of a quality and safe training program, and are the benchmark to be used by all training providers delivering general practice training.

Please refer to RACGP Standards for Trainers and Training Facilities for full details of the standards.

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