We are here to help you achieve exam success.

WAGPET understands that failing an exam or assessment is a stressful experience and offers specific interventions to support registrars to achieve success when repeating the exam or assessment. These interventions require registrar reflection on their performance and review of their learning and study plans.

All registrars failing an RACGP or ACCRM exam or assessment component are required to complete and submit a word document addressing the following points to the remediation senior medical educator:

  • What do you see as the reasons and/or contributing factors to your lack of success in this exam or assessment?
  • How are you going to address these factors and what are you going to do differently to prepare for your next exam or assessment?
  • After reflection on the RACGP/ACCRM public exam report for your exam, and review of the RACGP/ACCRM curriculum, what do you see as specific learning areas and topics that you need to address?
  • What resources do you intend to use in your preparation and study?
  • Please give an outline of your proposed study schedule. (E.g. What days of the week and hours are you going to set aside for study?)

The intervention and support offered to GP registrars is tailored according to the specific exam component in which the registrar has been unsuccessful and also according to how many times the registrar has already sat that exam component. Intervention and support may include one on one or group sessions with a medical educator. These sessions cover exam technique and discussing learning and study plans focussing on knowledge gaps. They also include identifying resources which may assist in study. Accessing extra intervention and support from WAGPET requires the registrar undertaking a Focussed Learning Intervention Plan (FLIP) which is designed by a medical educator to support a registrar’s specific learning needs. For more information about remediation support, visit the FAQs page.