Help inspire the next generation of doctors, share your career story with us!

The WAGPET blog showcases the amazing general practitioners and rural generalists completing the Australian General Practice Training program.

Reading a registrars firsthand experience on the AGPT program could be the catalyst for a junior doctor’s decision to apply for the program. By sharing your career journey on the WAGPET blog, you’ll be directly contributing to inspiring the next generation of general practitioners and rural generalists.

We’re here to help you tell your story in any way that suits you. Here are some ways we’ve helped others share their stories:

  1. We have a set of four to five questions for you to answer via email, we’ll create a blog in the style of a short interview.
  2. We give you a call and chat through your experience, ask a few questions and determine the motivations and influences behind your career. We’ll then work with you to adapt this into a creative blog that speaks to your experience.
  3. If you fancy yourself a creative writer and want to write the blog yourself, we won’t stop you! We’ll act as an editor rather than a content creator.

You can check out the WAGPET blog page for some inspiration.

Interested in sharing your story? Get in touch with the WAGPET marketing and communication team here and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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