I love being part of helping people learn and grow within their careers and personal endeavours.

Murray Medical Centre Practice Manager Raelene Tully was announced as 2019 Practice Manager of the Year for WA by the Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM), an accolade that recognises the significant contributions a manager makes to their practice and their community.

When asked how she came to be a practice manager, Raelene explains, “At the beginning of my career I worked in the dental industry. I started in reception because I loved interacting with people and I’m a people person. Within a year I was promoted to practice manager and I’ve never looked back. I love my job, the diversity of the position, consistently being challenged, learning and gaining knowledge, creating a community culture I’m proud to be associated with, empowering and motivating staff personally and in their careers, and the overall feeling that I’m making a difference.”

The thread of making a difference and championing others weaves through her thoughts and observations about the GP registrars mentored in her practice as she shares how much she enjoys being part of their journey, watching them grow, build relationships, and gain confidence. She says, “I help create a culture for them to get the most out of their placement. As a practice we are passionate about teaching and having a ‘no blame’ culture where registrars experience a full team approach to their training with support from their supervisor, other GPs within the practice, myself, nurses, and administration staff. As the business manager I appreciate individuals have personal commitments and I do my utmost to take these into consideration and support them wherever we can. We also consider the little things like ensuring our doctors have a fully stocked fridge plus prepared lunches, by our lovely staff, every week during the doctors in-house Quality Circle Meeting which is where doctors come together to learn from each other, to continue to strive and empower each other to be at the top of their field. Watching people grow, be proud of their achievements, be passionate about their jobs, and enjoy coming to work is what inspires me most.”

But it’s not all work. In between the business management commitments of her role, Raelene knows the value of making sure everyone has a break, makes time for social activities, and celebrates the other members of the team. “We insist on everyone having a lunch break, so we provide a large and comfortable lunchroom with a fully equipped kitchen. We create a great social culture where everyone comes together often. We celebrate everyone’s achievements and we also support hardships. We have regular fundraising morning teas, an end of year party, various Christmas festivities and it wouldn’t be very Australian if we didn’t stop to watch the Melbourne Cup followed by delicious food.” she jokes.

Raelene’s positive influence and focus on inclusion overflows, helping others through several local networking and training groups. She runs the AAPM Mandurah and Surrounding Areas Networking Group designed to connect like-minded practice managers from all disciplines to learn from each other. She’s an active part of the WAGPET Practice Manager Advisory Committee (PAC), the WAGPET Practice Manager Liaison Officer (PLO) for the Peel region, the Vice President of the WA AAPM Committee, the AAPM Digital Health Champion, and regularly offers support and consultancy to other practice managers and new practice owners.

When asked about her roles with WAGPET she concludes, “I love being part of helping people learn and grow within their careers and personal endeavours. I’m involved in multiple networking groups because I am in a perfect position to assist in bouncing ideas around and offering advice and support. I have a great rapport with many of the managers in my region so it gives me a fantastic forum to obtain feedback about the WAGPET program which I can then communicate directly to support WAGPETs focus on quality improvement. I get a lot of personal satisfaction in helping others and feel very proud of my achievements. I learn so much from networking and I just hope I help others as much as they have helped me.”