I get to learn stuff every day and make people generally a little lighter as the weight of world bears down on them.

Looking after people was always an imperative, and most of the time, I do it fairly well. In my job now, as a GP registrar in Collie, Western Australia, I am lucky enough to care for entire family trees, the old, the new and all those between. It is an awesome responsibility, but they keep coming back to see me, so they must have faith in what I'm trying to do for them.  

As a medical student, I loved doing the Teddy Bear Hospital. The imagination of the kiddy carers is both magical and macabre. I became somewhat of an expert at diagnosing soft toy sepsis, dolly diabetes and panda paralysis. A kaleidoscope vision of Big Ted, who (apparently), was climbing a tree, to get honey, when he fell, breaking all limbs, and possibly his "brain", before the swarm of bees sought revenge with anaphylactic efficiency. 

Primary Health is paramount, and never more-so with kids. In my consulting room, I offer fruit medicinally, and most of the children gleefully and greedily go bananas with strawberries, kiwi fruit and apples. With gentle nurturing, good things grow.   

When patients ask me how I am, invariably my response is "living the dream", and that is not far from the truth. I had always wanted to do medicine, and work in a small town as "the doctor". That aspiration has started to solidify. I get to learn stuff every day and make people generally a little lighter as the weight of world bears down on them.