By taking part in the 2022 AGPT National Registrar Survey, you will help shape the future of GP training.

The survey is open to all eligible registrars who are currently training in the AGPT program. All registrars will have received an email from the Australian Council for Educational Research with a link to the survey.

The results will provide a strong benchmark on the quality of training that is currently being delivered and can be used to track any changes that may occur as we transition to college-led training.

As such, there is a series of questions asking registrars to give their feedback around the transition to build a better understanding of whether registrars understand changes, if it's had an impact on training, how informed they are and what further information they need.

ACER will provide an interim report to the department of Health updating them on this issue before the final report is due to give them time to act on the feedback.

You can view the results of the 2021 survey here.