Accreditation to train CRP participants

The Community Residency Program (CRP) offers junior doctors in their hospital years, the opportunity to rotate out to participate in a Community Residency and experience the world of General Practice. This program was formally know as the Prevocational General Practice Placements Program (PGPPP). If you would like more information about the program, please click here or contact the Prevocational Team at


Practices wanting to host junior doctors undertaking the Community Residency Program (CRP) need to be accredited with ACRRM and/or RACGP, as well as the Post Graduate Medical Council of WA (PMCWA). The PMCWA is responsible for making sure "sufficient experience, education, training, supervision, assessment, evaluation, support (including resources) and a safe working environment to enable prevocational doctors to meet the objectives of their training program."

If your practice is already accredited to host doctors in training on the Australian General Practice Training program (AGPT) and you would like to extend your training to include the Prevocational Doctors, please contact the Accreditation Team by emailing the for more information.

If suitable, WAGPET will liaise with the Post Graduate Medical Council of WA (PMCWA) to ensure that the junior doctor's training time at your site will be accredited towards their prevocational training time.

To initiate ACRRM and/or RACGP accreditation please click here for information about how to apply.

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