Becoming a Training Post

What is an Accredited Training Post?

GP Registrars must work in accredited Training Practices/Posts during their involvement with the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT). Training Practices are accredited by either ACRRM or the RACGP (or both) depending on their location and the range of experience they can offer the GP Registrar.


Accreditation of a Practice for the AGPT indicates that the GP Supervisor and the Training Practice are able and willing to provide GP Registrars with the level of supervision, teaching and educational experience to support their progress through the GP training program. The GP Supervisor must be an experienced GP who is able to mentor the GP Registrar during their time in the Training Practice.

Practices accredited with ACRRM and/or RACGP must meet the Standards set out in the relevant college Standards for Trainers and Training Practices. Practices must identify a Principal GP Supervisor and it is preferred that the practice also nominates an Additional GP Supervisor/s for the practice.

Accreditation, once approved, is granted for a period of 3 years. If there are any changes to the details of your original accreditation application, including Training Supervisor and Practice Manager positions, WAGPET is to be notified by writing immediately.

WAGPET undertakes ongoing monitoring and assessment of all accredited training posts and supervisors every year with a formal reaccreditation review every 3 years to ensure the college standards continue to be met.

GP Supervisors should be aware that accreditation is site specific and they are not able to transfer accreditation from one practice to another. If a GP Supervisor moves to a new practice and wishes to continue supervising GP Registrars, an application for re-accreditation will need to be submitted.

Training Post Accreditation Process

The Training Practice/Post Accreditation process can take between 3-6 months and is summarised below:

1. Interested Practice contacts Accreditation Team at WAGPET. If the Practice/Post meets the initial criteria, and wishes to proceed with their application, they will be sent accreditation paperwork for completion.

2. Practice/Post completes the TP&S Accreditation - Initial Contact Form and returns with supporting documentation to WAGPET.

3. WAGPET’s Medical Educators (General Practitioners), Training and Education Manager and Regional Advisory Committee review the information provided by the practice/post.

4. The information provided is reviewed against both WAGPET and college (ACRRM and/or RACGP) standards for GP Training Posts and Supervisors to determine whether a new training post is required and all criterion are met. Criteria includes, but is not limited to:

  • Number of existing training practices in the area and fill rate per semester
  • Training Post/Supervisor motivation
  • Registrar training opportunities
  • Demonstrated supervision and/or teaching experience
  • Patient demographics
  • Registrar identified need

5. If the practice meets the minimum criteria, WAGPET arranges to visit the practice to meet staff (Practice Manager and Supervisors) and view the facility; outline the education and training requirements within the GP Training Program and the supervisor education and practice contractual obligations.

6. If the practice and WAGPET are both satisfied that the ACRRM and/or RACGP Standards can be met, WAGPET will approve the practice to be granted Provisional Accreditation and forward a recommendation to the relevant college for endorsement.

7. Once endorsed, the practice is advertised to GP Registrars as an Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) facility via the WAGPET website. 

How to Apply  

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