Payments & Invoicing

WAGPET supports the placement of Community Residency Program (CRP) participants at Training Practices through a Training Practice support payment and a teaching payment.

Training Practice Support Payment

The current support payment is $405/week. This payment is to cover the use of practice resources, licenses, software and minor equipment is available to aid in the facilitation of the junior doctor in your practice.

Teaching Payments

WAGPET pays $120/hour for in-practice teaching provided to GP Registrars during their Prevocational Placement.  GP Registrars in a Basic GP term receive 3 hours/week while Registrars in an Advanced GP Term receive 1.5 hours/week.

To claim the teaching payments, Training Practices must submit monthly invoices to WAGPET on which the following information is provided:

  • Training Practice information and contact person
  • GP Registrar consulting hours (not total hours worked)
  • GP Registrar patient numbers identifying MBS and non-MBS patients
  • hours of in-Practice teaching provided by the GP Supervisor and other Practice staff
  • other education release time taken by the GP Registrar
  • any leave taken by the GP Registrar or GP Supervisor

The invoiced claim for In-Practice teaching must be supported by information provided on the in-practice teaching log, completed via WAGPET e-learning.

Follow the link to access the In-Practice Teaching Invoices and Reports:
Semester 1 Invoices and Reports

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