Employing and Training GP Registrars

Your role as a training facility.

Employing and Training GP Registrars

The WAGPET AGPT program is based on the key principles of GP registrar training; an adult-learning model in which the majority of training occurs within the training facility and GP registrars apply self-directed learning.

GP supervisors and training facilities should approach the employment of a GP registrar as they would any prospective practice employee.

GP supervisors and practices should conduct a face-to-face interview, where possible, and request that GP registrars provide:

  • an up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • evidence of any required professional certifications, e.g. CPR, Medical Board registration
  • professional referees (including past employers at current training facility)
  • current training transcript/record.

GP registrars must be an employee of the training facility for the duration of their placement and have a signed employee agreement that sets out the terms of that employment.

GP registrars must maintain their own professional indemnity insurance cover throughout their training and should provide their training facility with a copy of this.

It is the training facility's responsibility to:

  • meet the terms outlined in the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars
  • ensure GP registrars employed at your facility do the same range of work and keep similar hours as the other GPs at your facility, including weekend work, and hospital and nursing home visits in accordance with the GP registrar's term-level.

General Practice Supervisors Australia also have some useful information available on their website to support GP supervisors and training facilities.

For further details, please refer to the Training Facility Handbook.

Capacity and placement process

Each accredited training facility is approved to take a specified number of full-time equivalent (FTE) GP registrars, based on the practice's facilities and GP supervisor numbers.

There are two placement rounds conducted by WAGPET each year to support GP registrars to secure employment in a training facility.

Round one: April - July for GP registrars already enrolled in training.

Round two: September - October for the new cohort of GP registrars just entering training and any GP registrars without a confirmed placement from round one.

If a direct match hasn't been possible during either of the placement rounds, WAGPET will contact training facilities and GP registrars to discuss placement options, however, WAGPET are not able to guarantee that a placement will be available.

For further details, refer to the Training Facility Handbook and the Enrolment and Placement Policy.

Registrar orientation

Just as you would provide an orientation to any new employee at your practice, it is important to provide your GP registrar with a thorough orientation to the practice as well as the local area. This will greatly assist the GP registrar to settle in and become a valuable member of the team.

It is important that practice staff are aware of the training level of the new GP registrar and the level of support they will require during their placement. Reception staff may need to be reminded of the consultation limits of the new GP registrar. Staff can assist by ensuring the GP registrar is not over-booked, that teaching and study time is allocated, and that the GP supervisor is available to provide support.

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