Training Practice Agreements

Before the start of each semester, WAGPET sends out a Training Practice Agreement to all Training Practices which sets out the responsibilities of the three parties to that agreement: the GP Supervisor, the Training Practice and WAGPET.  Once the Agreement is returned to WAGPET signed with the required supporting documentation relating to insurances and professional indemnity arrangements for the practice and GP Supervisor, WAGPET will commence payment of practice subsidies.

The responsibilities for each party to the Training Practice Agreement are as follows:

GP Supervisor

  • must be accredited with the appropriate College(s)
  • provide support and teaching as required for the Registrar’s level of training,
  • be on-site at the Practice with the GP Registrar as required for their level of training
  • develop a learning plan with the GP Registrar and monitor progress against this
  • facilitate ECT visits
  • undertake regular formative assessment and provide formal and informal feedback
  • participate in education-based professional development
  • maintain adequate professional indemnity.

Training Practice

  • must be accredited with the appropriate College(s)
  • ensure a GP Supervisor is provided for the GP Registrar
  • support attendance at WAGPET education activity for the GP Supervisor
  • provide adequate consultation room and resources (library, internet access etc)
  • provide appropriate caseload and casemix for GP Registrars to support training
  • employ the GP Registrar in keeping with the National Minimum Terms and Conditions
  • ensure GP Registrar is released to attend external WAGPET education sessions
  • submit monthly invoices in a timely manner
  • provide information on GP Registrar patient numbers, types of consultations, teaching time, other education activities, leave taken by GP Registrar and GP Supervisor
  • maintain adequate insurance levels as an employer
  • advise WAGPET of any changes in management or leave taken by the GP Supervisor
  • provide or assist the GP Registrar to find appropriate furnished accommodation and contribute to the cost of accommodation in keeping with the WAGPET accommodation policy (rural Training Practices only).


  • process payment of invoices in a timely manner
  • provide education sessions for GP Supervisors
  • pay GP Supervisors to attend WAGPET education sessions
  • pay travel and accommodation to rural GP Supervisors attending Perth-based education sessions
  • provide an accommodation subsidy (rural placements only)
  • ensure policies and processes are enacted
  • deal with grievances related to policies and procedures
  • fund the reloc

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