Placement Process

Every year WAGPET undertakes a complex placement process to match GP Registrars to their General Practice, Extended Skills, Advanced Rural Skills Training posts and Awaiting Fellowship posts. GP Registrars complete a placement preference form identifying their top three preferred placements for the coming training year. GP Supervisors/ or Practice Managers also submit a preference form identifying which Registrars they would prefer to have placed in their practice.  A matching process is then undertaken to place Registrars in training places for the following calendar year.

In April each year WAGPET will ask training posts what their capacity will be for the following 12 months. WAGPET then places details onto the website and advise the registrars.

WAGPET then emails the training  post  to confirm the annual placement and enrolment process is officially open.  At this time, the registrars will start  contacting training posts to speak with GP Supervisors or the Practice Manager.  Training Posts are highly encouraged to meet with the registrar to ascertain suitability before submitting the online form to WAGPET.

The training post then enters full year preferences (3 preferences per placement for each semester) onto WAGPET elearning by 30 June.

In July WAGPET runs the placement matching computer program.  Training Post preferences are matched with the registrars.  Where a direct match is not possible, we would contact the Training Post and the registrar to discuss placement options.

In August WAGPET advises both the Training Posts and registrars detailing the provisional placement(s) for the coming year.  During this stage of the placement process you can refuse the placement, however, WAGPET cannot guarantee that an alternate placement will be available. It is important to remember that registrars can also refuse the placement, which is why it is imperative Training Posts meet with registrars in May/June to negotiate a placement.  

In August/September the registrar would contact  matched Training Post and arrange to meet with the GP Supervisor, either in person or by telephone, to discuss employment arrangements.  The registrar should provide a copy of their CV to the practice either at or before this meeting.

Please do not hesitate to contact the training team should you have any questions about the Placement and Enrolment process.




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