Accommodation for Rural Registrars

Rural Training Practices are required to either provide furnished accommodation or to assist the GP Registrar to find suitable furnished accommodation before their placement starts.

WAGPET provides a travel and relocation subsidy for the GP Registrar’s move to a rural placement and are expected to relocate only those personal items required during their rural placement.  There is no allowance for the transfer of furniture and whitegoods. Accommodation must meet the GPET accommodation standards which, as a minimum, require a two-bedroom furnished unit for the sole use of the GP Registrar.

WAGPET provides an accommodation subsidy which meets a proportion of the cost of the accommodation with the aim that neither the Training Practice nor the GP Registrar are unreasonably financially disadvantaged through their participation in the GP Training Program.  The average rental prices are reviewed regularly and the accommodation policy revised accordingly.

If accommodation is provided by the Practice, WAGPET will pay the subsidy to the Practice.  If the GP Registrar takes on the lease of a rental property, WAGPET will pay the subsidy to the GP Registrar.  A copy of the rental agreement and agreed rental value must be submitted to WAGPET prior to the subsidy being claimed.

Please refer to Accommodation Policy for further information  

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