Understanding subsidies and managing payments

Subsidies and Payments

WAGPET supports the placement of registrars through a training practice subsidy and in-practice teaching payments.

In line with your Training Service Deed you are required to complete the follow via eLearning:

  • Weekley in-practice teaching log
  • Mid term assessment reports
  • End of term assessment reports

Please note that invoices submitted to WAGPET for any other reason must be submitted within 60 days of being incurred.

Practice Support and Teaching Payments

Practice Infrastructure and Support Payments will be paid upon receipt of a recipient created tax invoice (RCTI) to the practice’s nominated bank account.

Payments are made upon confirmation of commencement of the registrar/s within the practice. This includes a copy of the registrar’s employment agreement, the AGPT Application for a General Practice Placement Form as well as an email confirmation.

Below is a table of payments available.

  Practice Support Payment
GPT1/PRRT1 registrar

$540 per week F/T

$270 per week P/T
GPT2/PRRT2 registrar

$270 per week F/T

$135 per week P/T
GPT3/PRRT3 registrar No payments available

The practice support payment is paid in a lump sum up front to the practice upon receipt of the confirmation. This is usually paid in week 2 of the semester commencement.

In-practice teaching payments are made in five equal instalments over the semester. Practices are required to complete the Monthly Teaching Report and In-Practice Teaching Log via e-Learning to receive teaching payments.

A valid training services deed and direct debit form must be signed and received by WAGPET before any payments are processed.

Monthly Activity/Practice Reports

Practices are required to submit weekly in-practice teaching reports providing the following information on GP Registrar:

  • Patient numbers
  • Types of patients
  • Education and in-practice teaching delivered
  • Any leave taken

This information is recorded against the registrar’s training record and assists in assessing their progress through the training program.  WAGPET is contractually required to report this information to the Department of Health through a national database.

Salary Support for Aboriginal Medical Services

Funds are available from the Department of Health and Ageing from the Registrars Training Pool to support the reimbursement of a GP registrar's salary while they are undertaking a training placement at an Aboriginal Medical Service as part of their AGPT program.

WAGPET manages the administration process for the reimbursement of GP Registrar salaries back to the Training Post who employ GP registrars at an Aboriginal Health Training placement.