Extended Skills Checklist

GPT4 and Extended Skills Term Training

Extended skills is the fourth and final 6 months training in general practice. If you do this term before you start GPT1, you can choose to undertake it in hospital or community medicine (not general practice). See below.

What you need to do
6 months full time, or part time equivalen
Make sure your practice or post is accredited for your training, i.e. RACGP and/or ACRRM
Evidence of planning your learning

WAGPET has a range of tools you can use to do this. Discuss with your  Supervisor and Training

The Learning Plan formalizes the application needed for Hospital Extended Skills posts.

One Training  meeting mid semester
We will remind you to call to book in
Attendance at regional education sessions (RAC provided)
You will receive reminders to attend and must RSVP
Mid and end of term assessments
We will organise. Your supervisor will conduct and discuss with you.
Placement Feedback Survey
We will enrol you in the online module, please give feedback about your placement!
20% on-site; 80% by telephone
In-practice teaching
No formal teaching is required
Consultation hours
You must be employed to work 38 hours week (full-time) and must average 28 hours/week of clinical consulting time over a 4 week period.
Patient bookings

Maximum 5 patients per hour if in general practice


General Practice Extended Skills (GPT4)

  • You will need a Medicare Provider Number before you start work, if you have chosen to do Extended Skills in GP. You will not earn Medicare billings without a provider number. If you are unsure of the process, contact the WAGPET Training Team
  • There is no formal attendance required at regional education sessions; however you are still allowed to attend. Simply RSVP to the email invitation. 
  • There is no formal in-practice teaching requirement. You may like to attend or set up a study group to assist with examination prep if you are sitting during this term.
  • Sit any exam components that are outstanding
  • Ensure Medicare provider number forms are completed for your Awaiting Fellowship time.
  • Ensure all central and regional education components have been completed so that you can apply for Fellowship.

Hospital or Community Medicine Extended Skills

  • Meet with your training advisor and check to see if you are eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning for previous placements.

Extended Skills Options

  • General practice (conducted as the fourth GP Semester)
  • Academic GP Registrar
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Women’s Health (Family Planning Western Australia); part-time only.
  • Drug and Alcohol (Next Step)
  • Paediatrics
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Skin Cancer Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Palliative Care
  • Travel Medicine

Talk to your Training Advisor for more information. 

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