Registrar Project

There are numerous possible projects for you to consider, and you can be creative in your choice. However there must be evidence of reflection, reasoning, new learning and critical thinking, with a robust written reflection and evaluation submitted to WAGPET at the completion of the project.

Possible project options include:

• Clinical research - Self developed or externally conducted
• Joining the national Collaborative Program
• Undertaking a PDSA cycle (Plan, Do, Study, Act)
• Clinical audit
• Extensive literature review of a clinical problem
• Conducting structured teaching sessions
     -  Peers – e.g. providing a regional education session
     -  Medical students  - e.g. tutorials at university or within your practice
     -  Community members - e.g. presentations at schools
• Near miss/critical incidence analysis
• Home Medication Reviews
• Health promotion project
• Writing a peer reviewed journal article
• Conference presentation
• Peer practice visit and peer External Clinical Teaching Visits
• Overseas aid work

Discuss your project with your Training Advisor early in your GPT3 term. RPL may be a possible option. You can also talk to other registrars to get ideas.

To enquire about structured teaching opportunities with medical students please contact the student societies directly

Student society

Contact name   

Email address


Vibhushan Manchanda (Vice President)


Damian Wong (Vice President) 


Michelle Tan 



For more information please contact

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