In-practice training

Structured teaching time in the practice during practice hours is expected to occur throughout your general practice terms.

In GPT1 term of general practice, registrars receive three hours of teaching a week from their GP Supervisor or a similarly experienced General Practitioner.  Two hours of this will be face to face, dedicated teaching time and 1 hour will be corridor teaching.

In GPT2 term of general practice, registrars receive 1.5 hours of teaching, of which one hour is face to face, dedicated teaching and 0.5 hour will be corridor teaching.

There is no formal teaching in the practice for GPT3 term.

The topics for in-practice teaching in most cases will be decided by the GP Registrar in conjunction with the GP Supervisor at the commencement of your training term. This teaching can occur in numerous ways and we encourage you to be creative!  Not all the teaching needs to be with the accredited GP Supervisor, it is important to access the expertise of other experienced general practitioners in the practice, the practice manager, the practice nurse and others. Ideally a minimum of 5 video consultation reviews in the GPT 1 & 2 terms.  Some examples of teaching options may include:

  • discussing and identifying learning goals and plans for achievement
  • topic discussions
  • review of patient cases
  • medical record review, random structured case review
  • role-play challenging patient consultations
  • discussion and/or debriefing of near miss/critical incidents
  • video and/or audiotape review and feedback
  • direct observation and feedback
  • direct observation or video review of GP Supervisor’s consultations
  • logging procedural skills and confidence levels - review and discuss
  • demonstration of clinical procedure skills by GP Supervisor
  • direct observation of clinical procedure skills and feedback
  • review and discussion of; self, peer, educator questionnaires and assessments
  • review and discussion of structured questionnaire feedback from patients, specialists and practice staff
  • observe and discuss GP Supervisor home and hospital visits
  • teaching sessions with other practice staff especially the practice manager and practice nurse
  • teaching sessions with the GP Supervisor in another setting, e.g. at local hospital
  • observing at anaesthetic lists, obstetric deliveries etc
  • teaching sessions with external health professionals e.g. physio, pharmacist, local palliative care team
  • involvement in regular small group practice education sessions

GP Registrars are required to keep a log of the teaching activities that occur each week so that they can keep track of what is being taught in the practice. This record forms an important part of the overall Learning Portfolio.  GP Registrars are able to complete an in-practice teaching log online using WAGPET elearning.

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