External Clinical Teaching Visits

WAGPET provides External Clinical Teaching (ECT) Visits where an experienced General Practitioner and teacher sits in with you for a session of three hours or so (direct observation) or views your videoed consultations and gives you feedback (video debrief). In most cases, the visitor will be a regional General Practitioner but sometimes they will come from Perth or other region.

Video Consultations

WAGPET has provided a DVD camera to most accredited training practices. In addition a laptop will be made available so that you can easily review the consultations and copy them onto another DVD if required. If your practice does not have a DVD camera you can discuss this with your GP Supervisor and ask them to contact WAGPET to have one provided.

Patient consent forms are provided to the practice for the External Clinical Teaching Visits and video consultations.

Prior to a video debrief session with an External Clinical Teaching Visitor you will need be organised and plan ahead.  You will need to have videoed at least 1 - 2 sessions of consultations, reviewed them yourself and chosen a number you wish to discuss with the visitor.  This is a time to learn so consultations will not be expected to be perfect and you will learn the most by reviewing and discussing your more challenging, perplexing or disappointing consultations.

How many ECT visits will I have?

You will receive at least five such visits during your time in the training program. Visits are organised to suit you and the practice as well as the visitor and they are spread throughout your training, just like the education.

  • first six months in the practice:  two visits (the second visit preferably a video debrief)
  • second six months in the practice:  two visits
  • third six months in the practice:  one visit (preferably a video debrief)

These visits have always been one of the highest rated learning experiences for GP Registrars although at first they may seem a little daunting.

Where there is the need for more External Clinical Teaching Visits, perhaps to work on an area of concern picked up by you, your GP Supervisor, Training  or your External Clinical Teaching visitor, these can be arranged.

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