Core Central Education

The Central Education Program is designed according to each stage of GP registrar training.

  • In the first six month general practice term GP registrars you will have an online orientation at your practice as well as attending a two-day workshop in week 8.
Generally the workshop in this series will be conducted in a regional area and WAGPET will coordinate and pay for all travel and accommodation.
  • In the second six month general practice term GP registrars attend one-day workshop
  • In the last six month general practice term GP registrars can choose to attend either a two-day Central workshop OR undertake twelve hours of Regional education
It is a requirement that all GP registrars in the first twelve months of their general practice terms attend the full Central education program.

Areas covered in Central Education Program

The Central education program is highly clinical and directly relevant to your day to day practice. However, rather than being topic based it covers clinical issues by focusing on three ‘domains of general practice’ in particular – Communication Skills and the Patient-Doctor Relationship, Professional and Ethical Role and Organisational Legal Dimensions.

The central education workshops include active, experiential learning with case discussion; simulated patients; video debrief; role play; procedural skill practice; audit; self, peer and educator questionnaires and  feedback; College Examination practice; online activities, and more.

Pre-reading for Central Workshops

Before each workshop registrars are asked to complete questionnaires, do some pre-reading, or complete online activities as preparation for some of the education sessions. It is important that these pre-workshop activities are completed as they will be considered ‘assumed knowledge’ and form the basis for activities at the workshop.  

What if I miss a Central Education session?    

If you miss a Central education session due to illness, or other circumstances, you will need to discuss this with your Training Advisor and complete the session at a later stage of your training. If you miss the workshop on Indigenous health or Advanced Life Support, without prior approval, it is up to you to meet this requirement at your own expense. You will have to make sure the alternative is approved beforehand by WAGPET as well.

Importantly this education time is paid teaching time by the practice. The practice will therefore be notified if you miss an education session(s) and the time either identified as sick leave or leave without pay. It is up to you to make up the education time at a later stage of training at your own expense.

Only under exceptional circumstances will it be possible to substitute non-attendance at the Central education program with out of program education (i.e. education not provided by WAGPET). You will need to discuss this with your Training Advisor, and apply prospectively in writing.

Workshop Content

This table provides a guide to the central workshop content. The actual sessions and pre and post workshop work may vary somewhat each year and you should check WAGPET elearning and your regular education emails for up to date information.

Timing / Duration
Delivery Method
GPT 1 – Orientation
Week 1

Online pre-workshop

Multi choice questionnaire
Extended Match Questions
Medicare & Prescribing

ALS, simulated emergencies, billing, prescribing, consulting skills, teamwork/leadership, Indigenous Health, GP IT systems, practical skills
GPT 1 – Face to face Workshop
Week 8
2 days

Online pre-workshop

Face to face

 Online post workshop

Mental health skills training (MHST) pre workshop audit.
Challenging patients, Balint, critical thinking.

 MHST post audit
Challenging patient video review (optional)
GPT 2 – Workshop
Week 10
1 day
Online pre workshop

Face to face

Online post workshop
Behaviour change / Near miss/chronic disease.
Interprofessional teamwork / leadership, managing chronic disease, exam preparation, teaching skills, Balint, near miss

Video review - behaviour change (optional)
Key Feature problems (optional)
GPT 3 – KFP practice
Week 3 - 6
2 x 1.5 hrs
Online &
Virtual Classroom
Exam preparation (optional)
GPT 3 - Workshop
Week 4 – 8
2 days
Online pre-workshop

Face to face
Ethical reasoning / medico legal

Exam preparation, ethical reasoning, self-care, Balint, practice management / business models
GPT3 – Project
During GPT3 Minimum 12 hours
See Project section for examples.

On completion of the workshops WAGPET aims that all GP registrars will have completed Level 1 Mental Health Training and attained the required training in Indigenous Health and Advanced Life Support training and have basic CPR certification. 

For more information view the workshop calendar.

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