WAGPET elearning

WAGPET has an online education system - elearning - which provides online education opportunities and are integrated with the educational program.

Resources available through elearning include:

  • additional, accessible education activities which can be completed in your own time, pace and place. Some activities will be developed by WAGPET, while others may be from external providers.
  •  ‘library resources’ including copies of workshop PowerPoint presentations and handouts, useful web links, additional reference materials, books and CDs available through WAGPET. You will also be able to share resources you have found useful with your peers.
  • free access to a myriad of journals and online subscriptions
  • pre or post workshop activities to reinforce your learning
  • a range of assessment tools for self, peer and educator feedback to assist you and WAGPET to identify your strengths and gaps
  • an electronic portfolio of your education
  • the ability to be part of virtual classroom for evening and other education sessions.
Please let the WAGPET Education Team know if you would like to contribute to the development of online learning activities. We are keen to have writers and you don’t need to know how to program.

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