Transferring to WAGPET

If you are a GP Registrar not currently training with WAGPET and you wish to undertake 6 or 12 months of training in an Aboriginal Medical Service in Western Australian, you will need to apply for a temporary transfer from your Regional Training Provider to WAGPET. This enables your training record to be accessed by WAGPET, but more importantly ensures that the work you undertake will count towards the AGPT and that you will receive the education, assessment and support that you need whilst you are with WAGPET. 


Planning your Transfer

You should begin the transfer process with a discussion with both your home RTP and WAGPET, and this should be done as early as possible before you intend to transfer. The process can take many months depending on your circumstances and where you want to train.

At WAGPET the best contacts are Ms Isabel Broderick or Ms Anastasia Limawan, see below for their details. They may also recommend you talk to a WAGPET Medical Educator. 

If you want to transfer to the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council to train at Broome, Derby, Halls Creek or Kununurra, it is essential that you arrange a discussion with the Medical Director for the Kimberley region, Dr David Atkinson, in the first instance. Dr Atkinson's email address is or telephone (08) 9194 3200.

Application Process

Once you have decided the location of your training post, you need to complete an Application for Transfer and submit this to your home RTP. When the application has been approved, the form is then submitted  to a WAGPET Program Officer, details below. WAGPET will review your transfer application and notify you of the progress.

Most applications for transfer to WAGPET are accepted, however gaining a training place at WAGPET cannot be guaranteed. It is advised that any major decisions such as relocating are not made until you are advised of the transfer application outcome.

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