Travel Subsidy

Workshop Travel Subsidy

If you are doing Rural GP terms, you can claim for travel to and from WAGPET Central Education sessions and Regional Education sessions.

To claim your Workshop Travel Subsidy you must:

  1. If air travel is required to attend a compulsory WAGPET workshop, send your Travel Request Form to the Education Team so flights can be arranged. If you drive to Perth, you can claim mileage.

  2. If you require accommodation to attend WAGPET workshops, include this on your Travel Request Form. Taxi fares can also be claimed in a place of mileage.

  3. Send a completed Reimbursement of Expenses Claim Form to the Education Team for processing.

Please note that mileage will be reimbursed in accordance with Australian Taxation Office current financial year rates.

If you are unsure if your circumstances entitle you to a reimbursement, please don’t hesitate to contact the Training Team; Training Advisor or your Regional Liaison Officer.

Refer to the Rural Subsidies Policy for full details about Rural Accommodation and Relocation Subsidies.

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