Relocation Subsidy

Moving House: Relocation Subsidy

A relocation subsidy is available to you when you fully relocate for a rural term, supporting the transport of personal items and some household effects.  The maximum subsidy available covers relocation to and from the rural accommodation.

The maximum subsidy amount is determined by the distance of the relocation from Perth and the amounts are listed below.   Furniture and white goods are not covered, as rural accommodation provided should come fully furnished. The subsidy is available if you are part-time. Pets are relocated at your own expense.   Travel to the rural location can also be reimbursed (if you drive your own car) or can be arranged for you if you need to travel by plane.

To claim your Relocation Subsidy you must:

i)    If air travel is required, send your Travel Request Form to the Training Team so flights can be arranged. If you drive to your rural location as part of the move, you can claim a mileage. See the Travel Subsidy section below.
ii)    Send your original receipts for relocation expenses to the Training Team for processing, along with a complete Reimbursement of Expenses Claim Form.

Relocation Subsidy amounts - currently under review. 

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