Placement Checklist

Enrolling and choosing training placements

On the AGPT program, it is the responsibility of the GP Registrar to ensure that you are enrolled in the program each year. The mechanism for doing this is by choosing your placements and notifying WAGPET.

You must organise your own training placements, whether it be in hospital or in general practice. WAGPET can assist you, however, you must make contact with the training practice and community/hospital organisations to arrange your employment.

Placement Preferences are done in June of each year for the following calendar training year, for example in June 2014 for the 2015 training year. When you tell us what your training plans are for the following year, this formalises your enrolment and re-enrolment on the program.



What to Expect

 May  WAGPET emails you to confirm the annual placement and enrolment process is officially open. We also send you a link to access the available training practices and posts on the WAGPET website. At this time, you can start contacting training practices to speak with GP Supervisors or practice manager. You are highly encouraged to meet with practices before submitting the online form to WAGPET.
Submit the online Placement and Enrolment Form by 30 June.

WAGPET runs the placement matching computer program. Your preferences are matched with offers made by Training Practices. Where a direct match is not possible, we would contact you and the Training Practice to discuss placement options. You can also discuss this with your Training Advisor or Registrar Liaison Officer.

WAGPET writes to you and the Training Practices detailing the provisional placement(s) for the coming year.  During this stage of the placement process you can refuse the placement, however, WAGPET cannot guarantee that an alternate placement will be available. It is important to remember that practices can also refuse the placement, which is why it is imperative you meet with them in May/June to negotiate a placement.

It is now that you would contact your matched Training Practice and arrange to meet with the GP Supervisor, either in person or by telephone, to discuss employment arrangements. You should provide a copy of your CV to the practice either at or before this meeting.

Contact the Training Team if you have any questions about the annual Placement and Enrolment process.  you can also speak with your Training Advisor or talk to your RLO

Placement Checklist

Before you Start Training Requirement
General Medical Board Registration You must have full registration with the Medical Board of WA and have current medical indemnity before starting work as a General Practitioner.
Employment Contract For GP Terms, you must be employed by the General Practice under at least the National Minimum Terms and Conditions. Registrars are currently not allowed to practice as contractors (see Section 9: Forms & Useful Information).

Medicare Provider Number

GP Registrars must have a Medicare Provider Number before they start work as a General Practitioner. Note: if you were awarded your medical degree from overseas it can take up to three months for Medicare to process the application.
Annual Enrolment To indicate your intention to train on the AGPT program each year, and thus confirm enrolment, GP Registrars must complete the WAGPET Enrolment and Placement Preference forms via WAGPET e-learning.

During your Training Requirement
Placements RACGP standards state that you must gain experience in at least two different accredited general practices whilst in the program. Exceptions may be made for some rural and Aboriginal Health posts. See your Training advisor to confirm.
Training Advisor Contact You must have at least two Training Advisor meetings each year; 1 per 26 week period. It is your responsibility to book these meetings.
Flexible Training All extended leave, part time training and extended skills training must have the approval of your Training Advisor in advance. Contact your Training Advisor early to confirm.
Education and Assessments You must attend a minimum amount of education at WAGPET offices (central education) and education in your training region (regional education). 

Placement & Enrolment Summary 

  • The online enrolment form is the formal mechanism for securing your place each year on the AGPT program with WAGPET. Failure to complete the form, or failure to contact WAGPET to discuss your plans, may result in withdrawal from the program.
  • Placement and Enrolment Forms must be completed by 30 June each year.
  • Your training placement is not confirmed until you have negotiated the terms and conditions of your employment and have signed an employment agreement with your training practice. Remember to send a copy to WAGPET.
  • If you have sat your exams and are in awaiting your Fellowship, and you choose to work in general practice, it is a Medicare requirement that you must be in an accredited training post. For this reason, if you plan to be ‘Awaiting Fellowship’ in the first or second semester of the following year you must still complete a Placement and Enrolment Form.
  • See Forms, Policies & Guides for a copy of the National Minimum Terms and Conditions; detailed checklist for the first practice meeting. 

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