General and Rural Pathway Obligations

Link to Training requirements general and rural pathway obligations

When you applied for the AGPT, you would have nominated either the General or Rural pathway.  Your training obligations are as follows:

General Pathway

During your general pathway training it is mandatory that you complete a placement in one of the following settings:

  • 12 months training in RA 2-5* location OR
  • 12 months training in Outer Metropolitan location OR
  • 6 months training in RA 3-5 plus 6 months in an Outer Metropolitan practice

For the remainder of your general pathway training you can elect training in any location of your choice provided the site is an accredited WAGPET training site.

* The Australian Standard Geographic Classification – Remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA) is a geographic classification system designed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. RAs make up the ASGC-RA classification system. The RA categories are listed below, with workforce incentives available for categories ranging between RA2 to RA5.

RA1 - Major Cities of Australia
RA2 - Inner Regional Australia
RA3 - Outer Regional Australia
RA4 - Remote Australia
RA5 - Very Remote Australia

For detail on WAGPET accredited sites and their RA code, see part 2 below.

For more information visit: or contact your Training Advisor for guidance.

Rural Pathway

General practice terms must be in rural or remote areas RA 2-5, with the exception of procedural posts that may be undertaken in metropolitan areas, for example, obstetrics and anaesthetics.
WAGPET cannot guarantee that you can spend all of your training time in an area that you choose. Refer to the Placement & Enrolment Policy for detailed information.

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