Placement & Enrolment

Before commencing General Practice, there are a number of things that need to be arranged. WAGPET will assist the registrar along the way however, ultimately it is the registrar’s responsibility.

Medicare Provider Number

GP Registrars require a Medicare Provider Number for EACH practice they will be working at. Without it you will not get paid and will not be able to work as a General Practitioner. This can take weeks to be approved, therefore WAGPET recommends an application is made as soon as placements details are finalised.
The Training Practice will also need copies of: Medical Indemnity Insurance, Prescriber Number (the same one used in the Hospitals) and Medical Board Registration.

Employment contract

GP Registrars have the right to negotiate the terms and conditions of their employment at the Training Practice. During the first year of GP placements, the employment conditions must meet the National Minimum Terms and Conditions.

Practice Orientation

You may wish to arrange with the Practice Manager that you come to the practice for an orientation before your placement starts, as your first day may be quite overwhelming. The Practice Manager will be a great help during your placement, especially when it comes to administrative matters such as organising admitting rights and billing procedures.

GP Supervisor

For all GP placements you will be allocated a GP Supervisor who is responsible for your education and supervision during the placement. During your first six-month placement (Basic term) the GP Supervisor should be rostered to work with you in the practice for 80% of your clinical time and be available by phone at any other time. During the second six-month placement (Advanced term) they should be available 50% of the time on site (and still 100% of the time by phone). In the final six-month (Subsequent term) the GP Supervisor only need be available by phone 100% of the time. Of course other GPs in the practice will also be a valuable source of support for you and are likely to provide some of your in-practice teaching.


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