Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practice (FRACGP)

Training toward the FRACGP generally takes three years (36 months full time training) and comprises the following:

Duration (full-time)
Year 1
Post intern hospital rotations
52 weeks
Year 2
Supervised general practice
52 weeks
Year 3 (first 6 mths)
Additional general practice
26 weeks
Year 3 (second 6 mths)
Extended Skills*
GP or community/hospital
26 weeks
*The Extended skills placement can be completed prior to starting the Basic term if it is undertaken in a hospital or community placement, for e.g. obstetrics, paediatrics or palliative care.

In addition to the above time required in each placement, to be awarded the FRACGP your training must meet the following:

  • Training must take place in RACGP accredited facilities. In some cases, for example in GPT4 or awaiting fellowship terms, training can be undertaken in non-accredited facilitates. See your Training Advisor for more information.
  • General Pathway must undertaken mandatory placements as follows:

 12 months in an Outer Metropolitan general practice


6 months in a Rural general practice and 6 months in an Outer Metropolitan practice.

  • Successful attendance/completion of education workshops across the 36 month period. The detail of the education components is outlined in each section specific to the term to follow.
  • Successful completion of fellowship exam components:
- Applied Knowledge Test (written)
- Multiple Choice Questionnaire (written)
- Objective Structured Clinical Examination

The RACGP Examinations

Disclaimer: The information provided in this section is current at the time of publishing and is subject to change. Contact the RACGP to confirm details prior to enrolling in the examination components.

The RACGP Examination

To receive your Fellowship with the RACGP you must pass the examination and complete all mandatory education and assessment components along the way.

The RACGP examination is made up of three components:

a)    Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

This is a 3 hour multiple choice examination lasting 3 hours; with an additional 1 hour granted if you choose (therefore a total of 4 hours is available). All questions in the AKT are clinically based to reduce the likelihood of testing facts in isolation from the clinical context. The level of applied knowledge to be assessed in the exam is that required for functioning as an unsupervised GP within Australia. There are two types of questions; single best answer and extended matching questions.

b)    Key Feature Problems (KFP)

There are 26 cases (of equal value) designed to be answered in 3 hours, however an additional 30 mins is granted if you choose (therefore a total of 3.5 hours is available). On each question you supply or select whatever number of responses is appropriate to the clinical task and which are specified by the question.

c)    Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

The clinical examination reflects aspects of a typical session of general practice in Australia. The gender and age distribution of cases are selected to match Australian epidemiological data. There will be a combination of 14 clinical cases of either 8 or 19 minutes duration, with rest stations interspersed between clinical stations. It will take approximately 4 hours to complete all clinical stations.

Exams are held twice a year and each component has a set fee.  For details and exam dates visit the RACGP website.

RACGP Examination Enrolment

You may enrol in the AKT after completion of six (6) active units in the general practice training program, if this is supported by your Training Advisor, and two (2) of these active units must be from completion of your GPT1 (Basic) term. However it is highly recommended that you sit after the completion of eight (8) active units of GP training. You must complete eight (8) active training units to enrol in the KFP and the OSCE. One completed training term is equal to 2 units.

RACGP Examination Preparation

The RACGP has a comprehensive Assessment Handbook that outlines the support mechanisms available to you to help prepare for the exams. In this handbook, there is matrix showing BEACH data (frequency and patterns of presentations in general practice according to age, gender) mapped to ICPC2 headings. The college of GPs uses a matrix that includes all of these elements to develop each exam series. You may like to use the tables in the RACGP assessment handbook to plan the priorities and focus of your study. Visit the RACGP website or contact your Training Advisor for more information.

Overview RACGP Summative Assessment Components

This table summarises the exam components that you can enrol or sit at each stage of your training:


Training Term
No summative assessments

Enrol in AKT to sit in GPT2

Must be approved by your Training 

Enrol and sit AKT 
Enrol and sit AKT, KFP, OSCE
No formal assessments
Depending on the discipline there may be exams. Check with the RACGP and /or National Rural Faculty


AKT           Applied Knowledge Test
KFP           Key Feature Problem
OSCE        Objective Structured Clinical Examination

Disclaimer: The information provided in this section is current at the time of printing and is subject to change. Contact the ACRRM or RACGP to confirm details prior to enrolling in the examination components.

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