Extended Skills

Extended Skills may be undertaken in a range of disciplines; it is a great opportunity to develop skills in an area of special interest or strengthen your knowledge on topics you are less familiar with.

Extended Skills

In addition to the 18 months of general practice terms, all RACGP registrars are required to undertake six months of Extended Skills training. You can either choose to further develop your skills and knowledge in a general practice setting (GP Extended Skills) or opt to work in a specialty area of particular interest to you (Non-GP Extended Skills).

Brief overview of the Extended Skills Term:

  • six months duration
  • one discipline
  • training facilities must be accredited by WAGPET on behalf of RACGP prior to starting
  • non-GP Extended Skills training may be undertaken at any point during training, provided you have completed a PGY1 and PGY2 year
  • GP Extended Skills may only be undertaken after completing GPT1-3
  • rural pathway registrars must undertake their Extended Skills in a rural location. Please refer to the AGPT Training Obligations Policy.
  • no matter what you choose to do for your Extended Skills term you must have previously discussed it with your Program Training Advisor (PTA).

Non-GP Extended Skills

Non-GP Extended Skills options include:

  • drug and alcohol
  • emergency medicine
  • family planning
  • medical administration
  • mental health
  • obstetrics
  • occupational health
  • paediatrics
  • palliative care
  • sports medicine
  • travel medicine
  • WAGPET medical educator
  • women's health services.

Interested in a non-GP Extended Skills training facility that isn’t already accredited? Contact your Program Training Advisor (PTA) to discuss your options.

Accredited non-GP Extended Skills training facilities

Aboriginal Health

Extended Skills placements in Aboriginal Health are classified as general practice placements, therefore, can only be undertaken after you have completed GPT1-3 / PRRT1-3 and are part of the placement preferences process. Please click here or the individual facility links detail for more details including their unsupervised capacity.

Drug and alcohol

Next Step Drug and Alcohol
Phone: (08) 9219 1919
Email: nextstep.eastperth@mhc.wa.gov.au
Location: East Perth
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Emergency medicine

Joondalup Health Campus Emergency Department
Phone: (08) 9400 9400
Email: weec@ramsayhealth.com.au
Website: joondaluphealthcampus.com.au
Location: Joondalup
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: Yes

Rockingham Hospital Emergency Department
Phone: (08) 9599 4000
Website: rkpg.health.wa.gov.au
Location: Cooloongup
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: Yes

St John of God Murdoch Hospital Emergency Department
Phone: (08) 9366 1713
Website: sjog.org.au
Location: Murdoch
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Family planning

Sexual Health Quarters
Phone: (08) 9227 6177
Email: info@shq.org.au
Website: shq.org.au
Location: Northbridge
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No


Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service
Phone: (08) 9956 6555
Website: grams.asn.au
Location: Rangeway
MMM: 3

King Edward Memorial Hospital
Phone: (08) 9340 2222
Website: kemh.health.wa.gov.au
Location: Subiaco
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Mandurah Obstetrics & Women's Health Services
Phone: (08) 9535 4100
Email: practicemanager@mandurahobstetrics.com
Website: mandurahobstetrics.com
Location: Greenfields
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: Yes

Occupational health

Phone: (08) 9230 0900
Email: reception@redimed.com.au
Website: redimed.com.au
Location: Belmont
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No


Paediatric Allergy and Immunology - Princess Margaret Hospital
Phone: (08) 9340 8310
Website: pmh.health.wa.gov.au
Location: Subiaco
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Palliative care

Silver Chain
Phone: (08) 9242 0242
Website: silverchain.org.au
Location: Osborne Park
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Travel medicine

Travel Doctor TMVC
Phone: (08) 6467 0900
Email: perth@traveldoctor.com.au
Website: traveldoctor.com.au
Location: Perth
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

WAGPET medical educator

WAGPET Registrar Medical Educator
Phone: (08) 9473 8200
Email: admin@wagpet.com.au
Website: wagpet.com.au
Location: Bentley
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Women’s health services

Woodbridge Family Practice and Women's Health Clinic
Phone: (08) 9592 2010
Email: management@woodbridgewc.com.au
Website: woodbridgewomensclinic.com.au
Location: Cooloongup
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: Yes


Geraldton Population Health Unit
Phone: (08) 9956 1971
Email: marisa.gilles@health.wa.gov.au
Location: Geraldton
MMM: 3
Accreditation status:

Mount Hospital Coronary Care Unit
Phone: (08) 9327 1100
Website: healthscope.com.au
Location: Perth
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No
Neurosurgery - QEII Medical Centre
Phone: (08) 9346 3333
Website: qeiimc.health.wa.gov.au
Location: Nedlands
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Pioneer Medical Unit
Phone: (08) 9842 2822
Website: pioneerhealth.com.au
Location: Spencer Park
MMM: 3

Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC)
Phone: (08) 9340 1820 / 1800 199 888
Website: kemh.health.wa.gov.au/services/sarc/
Location: Subiaco
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No

Skin Check WA
Phone: (08) 9271 2522
Email: admin@skincheckwa.com.au
Website: skincheckwa.com.au
MMM: 1
Outer Metro Area: No