Enrolment and Placements

All registrars are required to re-enrol each year onto the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program through the Portal.

Enrolment and Placements

The Enrolment and Placement Process

All registrars are required to re-enrol each year onto the AGPT program for the following year; this is done by completing placement preferences through the online Portal and is referred as the placement matching process.

The placement matching process opens in May each year. WAGPET will email you a link to the Portal when preferences open. You will then have until the end of June to contact practices (practice capacity is available on the WAGPET website) and submit your preferences. Preference submission is mandatory and failure to do so may result in being withdrawn from the program. Placement notifications occur in August.

Once a match has been by confirmed by WAGPET, a withdrawal from the placement by either the training facility or registrar will only be approved for exceptional reasons. For more information please refer to the Enrolment and Placement Policy.

Before you commence each term there are a number of requirements that must be met. WAGPET will assist you along the way, however all aspects of your education and training are your responsibility, including employment and Medicare provider numbers.  If you have concerns at anytime please speak with your Program Training Advisor in the first instance.

In the period after you sit your final exams and are awaiting Fellowship, it is a Medicare requirement that you remain working at an accredited training post if you intend to practise as a GP. For this reason, if your status is ‘Awaiting Fellowship’ you must still complete an Enrolment and Placement Form.

Training and Education Key Dates

General and Rural Pathway Obligations

When you applied for the AGPT, you would have nominated either the General or Rural pathway. Your training obligations under each pathway are detailed in the Training Obligations Policy.

The reference "ASGC-RA 1-5" is the Australian Standard Geographic Classification - Remoteness Areas; a geographic classification system designed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

WAGPET cannot guarantee that you can spend all of your training time in an area that you choose. Refer to the Placement & Enrolment Policy for detailed information.

For information on transfer between pathways, please refer to the Transfer Policy. Transfer pathway applications must be discussed with your Program Training Advisor.

For full details please refer to the AGPT Training Obligations Policy.

AGPT Application Form

You will be sent a prepopulated AGPT Application for a General Practice Registrar Placement Form. You must notify your PTA of any additional locations the GP registrar will be training at. It is the responsibility of both you and the GP registrar to ensure there is a valid Medicare provider number for each placement sites.

It is your responsibility to coordinate the completion of the form and return it to WAGPET. You must ensure that it is signed by your GP supervisor before it is returned.

Medicare Provider Number

If you have never been issued a Medicare provider number, WAGPET will provide you with a pre-populated form that you will need to review and complete before returning to WAGPET for submission to Medicare.

It is your responsibility to coordinate the completion of the form with your GP supervisor and training facility.

For more information on the placement application and provider number process please refer to www.agpt.com.au.

Employment contract

As a GP registrar in general practice you are required to negotiate a contract with your training facility. The contract must meet the National Terms and Conditions for the Employing of Registrars.

You will need a valid employment agreement in place with your training facility to confirm the placement. You must complete and submit a Registrar Placement Confirmation Form which can be downloaded from the Forms, Policies and Guides page.

The Registrar Placement Confirmation Form must be received by WAGPET by 15 October for semester one placements the following year and by 15 April for semester two.

Practice Orientation

You may wish to arrange with the Practice Manager that you come to the practice for an orientation before your placement starts, as your first day may be quite overwhelming. The Practice Manager will be a great help during your placement, especially when it comes to administrative matters such as organising admitting rights and billing procedures.

GP Supervisor

For all GP placements you will be allocated a GP supervisor who is responsible for your education and supervision during the placement. During your first six-month placement (PRRT1/GPT1) the GP supervisor should be rostered to work with you in the practice for 80% of your clinical time and be available by phone at any other time. During the second six-month placement (PRRT2/GPT2) they should be available 50% of the time on site (and still 100% of the time by phone). In the final six-month (PRRT3/GPT3) the GP supervisor only need be available by phone 100% of the time. Of course other GPs in the practice will also be a valuable source of support for you and are likely to provide some of your in-practice teaching.