Education and Training Requirements

WAGPET supports you with a specialised education program to ensure your training thoroughly prepares you for a career in GP.

Education and Training Requirements

The Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program is an apprentice style model, where you are allocated a GP Supervisor in each of your GP placements. Your supervisor will provide structured teaching, supervision and support. During you time on the program there will be a range of education and training requirements which you must complete.

Some of these requirements are additional to the requirements set by the college (ACRRM or RACGP) you choose to gain with fellowship and mandatory for all registrars.

WAGPET will assist you along the way, however all aspects of your education and training are ultimately your responsibility as the registrar.

For full details of your requirements throughout the AGPT program please talk to your Training Advisor.

Education and Support 

Online Education Program – online modules including modules with scheduled weekly activities to be completed in practice time; Test Yourself online modules at each stage of training .

Core Workshops - one to two day workshops in Perth to develop your General Practice skills, with a focus on consulting skills with sessions offered on billing, prescribing, practice software, consulting skills and more.

In-Practice Teaching - Weekly structured education sessions and impromptu teaching during your placement.

Regional Education - Access to education sessions, in your local area of training, that are highly clinical and directly relevant to your day-to-day practice.

External Clinical Teaching (ECT) Visit - An external supervisor will sit with you for a session in practice and offer feedback about your consultation style and management approach.

WAGPET elearning - Access to our online system to support your placement, assist with your learning, or to borrow books, DVDs and practical skills models from the library.

Evening Sessions - The opportunity to attend monthly sessions, face to face or virtually, with fellow prevocational doctors, GP registrars and GP supervisors on topics of importance for your training.

Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO) - A peer to peer avenue for communication and information. Each region is appointed an RLO who will sit on the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) which develops your regional education experience.

Mid and End of Term Assessments - Your supervisor will regularly evaluate your performance and provide feedback so together you can tailor your learning to your needs.

Registrar Project

As part of your training you are required to complete a project. There are numerous possibilities for you to consider, and you can be creative in your choice. You must demonstrate evidence of reflection, reasoning, new learning and critical thinking. A written reflection and evaluation must be submitted to WAGPET at the completion of the project.

For a list of possible options and full details of the requirements for the Registrar Project please refer to the Registrar Project Guide. Once you have decided on what you would like to do for your project please ensure that you discuss it with your Training Advisor (TA) prior to commencing.

Additional RACGP requirements

If you are working towards a Fellowship with the RACGP, there are some additional elements you need to cover before you complete your training.  Registrars choosing to complete the Fellowship in Advanced Rural Practice (FARGP) have a specialised set of requirements.

For detailed information visit the RACGP website.

Additional ACRRM requirements

If you are working towards a Fellowship with ACRRM, there are some additional elements you need to cover before you complete your training.  For detailed information visit the ACRRM website.

Completion of Training

The completion of training process is different for each College/Fellowship and once paperwork is submitted this process usually takes between 1 and 2 months.

Once you have completed and passed all assessments/exams you will need to book a completion of training meeting with your TA.