Have you got your Medicare Provider Number?

A Medicare Provider Number is essential to secure before you commence your GP placement. Remember you need a new number for each location you work at, so be sure to get your forms in early so you have.

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Tailor your training to suit.

Have an area of interest that you'd like to pursue? There are a number of opportunities available for you to up skill within the AGPT program. Anaesthetics and Obstetrics are just the start!

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Have you secured your placement for 2016?

The second round of preferences for 2016 placements is now open for registrars undertaking a GP term in 2016. Be sure to check the Find a Post page to find out what options are still available for your term level.

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Journey to fulfil a childhood dream

Dr Fergus McCabe - GP Registrar
Dr Fergus McCabe, the joint winner of the 2014 WAGPET Registrar of the Year Award, can recall exactly when he decided to become a doctor. It was Christmas, he was eight years old and his mother had nearly died of a brain haemorrhage due to an intra-cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM).
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