Testimonial from Dr John Norgrove (Advanced Term 2007)

“North Street Medical Centre has a heterogeneous patient base, providing a wide variety of clinical experience. The reception, nursing and medical staff makes it a friendly and happy practice to work in. All of the GP’s are happy to help with clinical problems. North Street provided regular structured teaching for registrars. North Street is flexible with working hours and the opportunity for weekend work is available. ADF registrars are welcome.”

Testimonal from Dr Johanna Costigan (Basic Term 2009/ Subsequent 2010)

" North Street Medical Centre is a great learning and working environment. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. There is regular and useful teaching for registrars. The doctors and nurses are experienced in many areas, and are all happy to answer questions and help solve problems. Any registrar would benefit from a placement here."

Testimonial from Dr Tracey Hay (Basic Registrar 2011)

 “I have been working here at North Street Medical Centre for 5 months, and have enjoyed every second of it!

The reception staff are wonderful, very friendly and helpful, and always willing to do some faxing or scanning or pretty much any little jobs that need doing!

The nursing staff here is amazing! There are 4 regular nurses and always 2 nurses on at any time. These ladies are very professional, kind, friendly and also willing to help at the drop of a hat!

The doctors are very friendly and very happy to help and teach as needed. The standard of the teaching I have received here has been very high, from formal sessions to “on the run” or corridor teaching. All staff are happy to take calls or speak to me at the end of a consultation if I need immediate advice.

Zoe, the practice manager, is extremely competent! The orientation I received when I started was the best orientation I have ever had, with a manual that answers most questions! Zoe is more than happy to help with any work related (and even some personal) problems, and is friendly and kind.

Another great thing about North Street is the great mix of patients! I have had babies from 6 weeks and older, pregnant women, lots of teenagers, middle aged men and women, and some delightful elderly patients! I have also had the chance to do some nursing home work, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

All in all, my experience here has been extremely positive, and I would thoroughly recommend this practice to any student, GP registrar or GP seeking a supportive workplace.”


Testimonial from Dr Jo Tan (PGPPP 2011)

“I decided to join the PGPPP program because I was interested in pursuing a career in general practice but was unsure if it would be suitable for me. It was quite daunting changing from hospital work to working solely in a GP practice and seeing my own patients. However, from my first day the staff at North Street Medical Centre has made me feel like part of the team and everyone has been most helpful.

I have really enjoyed working full time at the practice. The variety of presentations and patient demographic ensures that my working day is never boring. I found it very satisfying to be actively involved in management decisions and be the first point of contact for my patients. It is also always wonderful to treat patients' family members as well and to gain their trust in you.

The balance between having the independence to manage my own patients and working closely with my supervisors meant that I was able to fully experience general practice and also receive education and advise from other GPs.

The support and friendliness of everyone at the practice has helped me gain confidence and made my experience a truly enjoyable and educational one.

I highly recommend the PGPPP program to anyone interested in community medicine.” 

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