Our Regions

As a whole-of-state training program for General Practice, run by General Practitioners, WAGPET’s structure reflects a strong demand for local autonomy and respect for regional diversity.

Our Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) are at the heart of all that WAGPET is and does. The dedicated members of our RACs undertake the development, delivery and evaluation of a robust regional education program for our doctors in training and provide invaluable feedback and advice to inform the future shape of WAGPET programs. 

Reflecting the great diversity of our state, RACs are responsible for coordinating: 

  • Support for WAGPET doctors in training.
  • A locally-relevant, quality education program.
  • A regionally-specific Cultural Awareness Training (CAT) program.
  • Support for GP supervisors and training posts.
  • New training opportunities in regions.


 In addition, each RAC implements a range of exciting initiatives within their region, such as:

  • Indigenous Health Training Plans.
  • Regional Development Projects.
  • Regional promotion.

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