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Great Southern Images

Great Southern Images

As a whole-of-state training program for General Practice, run by General Practitioners, WAGPET’s structure reflects a strong demand for local autonomy and respect for regional diversity.  Our Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) are at the heart of all that WAGPET is and does.


Our RACs undertake the organisation, delivery and evaluation of the regional education program and provide invaluable feedback and advice to inform the shape of WAGPET programs.  Our regionalised structure enables us to take advantage of the skills and expertise of Medical Educators in each region to provide training that is relevant and appropriate for the diverse clinical practice experienced across the state.


Each RAC comprises:

Other members are co-opted by the RAC as needs require.


Each RAC meets face-to-face in their region a minimum of four times per year. All members also attend an annual state-wide workshop held in Perth each February. 


Our training regions across the state are:   

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