Placement Checklist

To ensure your Prevocational General Practice Placement Program (PGPPP) placement goes smoothly there are many things that need to happen, including some actions that you need to take. The main activities are summarised here:

Pre-Placement (8 weeks)

WAGPET will send you a detailed Placement Letter eight weeks prior to the commencement of your placement outlining what you need to do. Please read the instructions carefully as there are several important documents which need to be completed. 

Most importantly, to be able to start in a General Practice you need to be issued with a Medicare Provider Number. This is different to your Prescriber Number and is site specific. You are required to complete a new application form for each PGPPP placement that you undertake. 

You will need to contact your site Supervisors to introduce yourself, discuss your roster and gather information to complete your documents. We will send you all relevent contact details. 

We will also send you the links to access the required PGPPP Placement Forms or you can click here to download them directly from the website.

Contact the Prevocational Team if you have any questions about the Pre-Placement process. 

Pre-Placement (2 weeks)

You will be enrolled in a Pre-Placement questionnaire that asks you about your reasons for doing a PGPPP and what you hope to gain from it. An enrolment email will be sent to you via WAGPET elearning.

The survey should only take 5 minutes of your time.

During Placement (Week 1)

Attend the WAGPET mandatory 2 day orientation program and meet your fellow PGPPP participants. You will be sent an email from the Education Team approximately 2 weeks before Orientation. See Education and Supervision section for the workshop content details.

During Placement (Week 3)

WAGPET will call or email you to see how you are enjoying the placement.

Claim for any mileage reimbursement for your drive to your placement (rural only) using the Reimbursement of Expenses claim form.

Mid placement (Week 5 or 10)

Your supervisor will complete a Mid term assessment on your performance with you. A copy of this report will be sent to WAGPET.

You will also have an External Clinical Teaching Visit. A supervisor from another GP practice will sit with you for 2 - 3 hours and provide feedback about your consultations.

End of term

Your supervisor will complete a End of term assessment on your performance with you. A copy of this goes to WAGPET and to your employing hospital.

Remember to complete your Post Placement questionnaire that will be emailed to you via WAGPET elearning.

Finally, you may like to provide WAGPET with a testimonial about your experiences.

For more information please contact

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