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The WAGPET GP Trainer Education Framework
The Trainer Curriculum
Education Delivery
Independent options

The WAGPET GP Trainer Education Framework

The WAGPET policies and GP Trainer Education Framework (first developed in 2006 and then revised for 2010-2013) remains based on education principles, quality improvement principles, the RACGP Standards for Education and Training and ACRRM Standards for Training Posts and Trainers.

Some of the key principles of GP Trainer Education Framework 2010-2013 include:

  • Education and training with a view to future changes in general practice should be included.
  • All GP trainers should have completed core curriculum components within three years of commencing with WAGPET by attendance at workshops or by recognition of prior learning (RPL).
  • Maintenance of education knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours and hence continued trainer education is required even where there is variable access to GP Registrar.
  • All Trainer education should be based on the principles of adult learning, learning styles, peer to peer education, and best evidence medical education.
  • Regionalisation should be supported through the provision of regional trainer events for GP Trainers and educators.
  • Trainer education should be accessible though provision of distance education technologies.
  • All GP trainer events should be accredited for RACGP QI&CPD points and ACRRM for PDP.

The Trainer curriculum

The WAGPET Trainer curriculum focuses on four areas (diagram 1). Within these areas WAGPET has defined core curriculum topics. (Table 1)

Trainer Curriculum

It is expected that each GP Supervisor will have undertaken education in all of these core areas within three years of joining WAGPET.

External Clinical Teaching visitors require core education skills for their specific roles which are integrated into the orientation and the 2 yearly workshops. ECT visitors are invited to all education sessions as well as those core curriculum areas.

Regional medical educators also require core education skills. At present there is no professional development time requirement but the GP regional educators are invited to all education sessions

Trainer Curriculum Table

Education delivery

Trainer education is delivered in a variety of ways – regional and Perth based workshops, a 3 day Trainer conference, distance delivery through virtual classroom technology and online delivery, and independent options.

WAGPET has devised a two yearly cycle of activities.

Year 1 (even year eg 2012)
Year 2 (odd year eg 2013)
Virtual classroom
Four, each repeated once
Four, each repeated once
Regional workshops
One each semester

Perth based workshop
One day workshop (minimum)

Trainer Conference

Three days
Independent options
Supervisor Orientation workshop
Twice a year
Twice a year
ECT visitor orientation
Once a year (minimum)
Once a year (minimum)
ECT visitor workshop
One day workshop

Independent options

WAGPET recognises that many Trainers will become/are experienced and may wish to expand their skills beyond the WAGPET Trainer education options. Trainers are therefore encouraged to consider completing their education requirements either partially or completely through independent options.

If you choose any of these options we would encourage you to have them prospectively approved by WAGPET. Generally it is expected that you would:complete a reflection of your learning focusing on how you plan to change your teaching/learning as result of your involvementprovide a certificate of completion to WAGPET.

Options that other trainers have undertaken include:

  • Research/PDSA cycles in general practice
  • Post Graduate Certificates/Diplomas/Masters (related to teaching)
  • Procedural skills upskilling
  • Structured peer to peer practice visits (specific structure required)
  • Peer education session observation and feedback (1:1 or small group teaching)
  • Peer or regional teaching (specific structure required)
  • GPET/ANZAME/other education conference attendance
  • GPET /RACGP/ACRRM conference presentation
  • Writing online questions, cases
  • RACGP facilitator course
  • Level IV Workplace trainer certificate
  • University training for teaching students
  • Examiner meetings to discuss cases
  • Writing exam questions
  • Formal ACRRM/RACGP examiner training (maximum 6 hours/year)
  • Formal mentoring/coaching
  • WAGPET trials or specific questionnaires eg QPC project, pilot of MMI style intervewing

You may be able to identify other options for yourself. You can explore all Upcoming Trainer Education Events.

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