Trainer Education Requirements

GP Supervisor Education Requirements

ACRRM and RACGP identify in the standards that GP Supervisors must attend 18 hours of education-based professional development each year, that is, the professional development  should be focused on development of skills as a trainer/supervisor.

WAGPET, in discussion with the Supervisor Advisory Group, recognises the challenges of this requirement for GP Supervisors and has developed a number of strategies to support you:
  • WAGPET will make available at least 18 hours of education each year
  • There will be regular opportunities for Supervisor education to be conducted in the regions
  • Distance education will be delivered annually by virtual classroom technology
  • There is an option for the supervisor to undertake/attend other learning that is independent from WAGPET. Prospective approval can be applied for this.
  • Online education options will be developed

Principal GP supervisors must complete 12 hours of education hours which aim to develop their skills as a GP Supervisor. This applies whether or not the registrars in your practice are part-time or full-time, or if you only have one registrar for six months of the year (excluding those registrars in Extended skills placements).

If you don’t have a GP registrar allocated to your practice in a given year, you must complete at least six hours of education to remain a GP supervisor with the WAGPET training program.

If you are a newly accredited Principal GP supervisors you are required to attend the two-day orientation program and follow-up teleconference, ideally prior to a GP registrar starting at the practice. In addition you will also need to attend a minimum of six hours of GP Supervisor education in the first calendar year in the program, when you have a registrar.

Where an accredited GP supervisor does not complete the minimum education requirements they will be advised by WAGPET at the end of the year and be expected to complete both their annual requirements and any outstanding requirements in the following year (“carried over”).  If you do not complete the minimum education requirement over a two year period you will be contacted by WAGPET to discuss reasons why this has occurred.  A learning plan will be developed to support you in the completion of these requirements.

Additional GP supervisors are encouraged to attend education-based professional development, including the orientation workshop, as they are accredited and are providing supervision and education. The expectation for this role is that you would attend 6 hours of education each year.


Both Principal and Additional GP supervisors are funded by WAGPET to attend GP supervisor education, to a maximum of 12 hours or 6 hours respectively. If you are a rural supervisor the air travel and accommodation will be arranged by WAGPET or reimbursed at cost. Mileage will be paid at the current ATO rates. You can claim reimbursement using the Claim for Reimbursement form.

External Clinical Teaching (ECT) Visitors

Before you start as an ECT visitor WAGPET requires you to complete an orientation program, unless you believe you can have retrospective prior learning (RPL) approval. This orientation deals with the WAGPET expectations of an ECT visit, an overview of the process of the consultation and models of feedback and the administration components. If you wish to apply for RPL you need to do so in writing to Dr Denise Findlay (Director of Education).

For 2012 and onwards at least part of the orientation will be conducted online with either a face-to-face workshop or use of virtual classroom technology.

Once you have started doing ECT visits WAGPET expects you to attend a workshop each two years focussed on the ECT visit. In addition each year WAGPET will send you individualised but anonymous, aggregated feedback from the doctors-in-training you visited and comparison data of all ECT visitors for that year.


WAGPET will fund you to attend any ECT visitor education that is conducted in Perth.  If you are a rural ECT visitor the air travel and accommodation will be arranged by WAGPET or reimbursed at cost. Mileage will be paid at the current ATO rates. You can claim reimbursement using the Claim for Reimbursement form.

Regional Medical educators and Sessional Medical Educators

There are no education-based professional development requirements for either of these roles, unless you are also a GP Supervisor or an ECT visitor. WAGPET however, will invite you to all the sessions that are being conducted.

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