Resources for Teaching

College resource recommendations

Both ACRRM and the RACGP recommend a number of textbooks and reference material for registrar training. These mainly focus on the clinical aspects of general practice and rural and remote medicine.

ACRRM recommended textbooks and reference material
RACGP recommended textbooks and reference material

WAGPET has arranged for these textbooks to be available to all practices for loan via the WAGPET library or through your rural GP network.

WAGPET resources

WAGPET provides a number of resources for practices and supervisors:


WAGPET elearning

This online password protected resource provides you and the practice with a wealth of resource material:

Subscription journals

WAGPET has paid for you to access the following journals and sites through WAGPET elearning:

  • Harrisons Online
  • BMJ Clinical Evidence
  • The British Journal of General Practice
  • Australian Medicines Handbook
  • Therapeutic Guidelines
  • Medical Education
  • The Clinical Teacher
  • IMgateway – evidence base of conventional and complementary treatment strategies.

WAGPET library

Accessed through the WAGPET elearning catalogue you can browse the books, CDs and  DVDs that WAGPET has. You can borrow these through a simple online request system and WAGPET will send them to you at the practice and include a return post bag.


Accessed through the WAGPET elearning catalogue you can browse the equipment that WAGPET has available – skin suturing, lesions excisions, uterus models, CPR manikins, joint injection models, ingrown toenail excision - to name a few.
If you are in a rural region all this equipment can be accessed via the GP network. If you are in the Perth metropolitan region you can borrow these through a simple online request system and WAGPET will organise for them to be delivered to the practice and arrange their return.

Teaching materials

Accessed through the WAGPET elearning repository you can browse the session plans and powerpoint presentations that other educators and supervisors have created for teaching. In addition there are references and resource materials that have been used in regional education and the Perth based education.
The repository also includes a library of clinical photographs you can access for teaching. You can help grow this resource by providing WAGPET with any clinical photographs, ECGs or xrays you have so that they can be uploaded and shared.

Your Practice library

WAGPET provides each new practice with a series of resources for the your practice library.
This includes:

  • On Call. Principles and Practice  - M. Cadogen, A.F.T.Brown, A.Celenza
  • The General Practice Series CD - J Murtagh
  • Adolescent Health Care – L Neinstein, C Gordon, D Katzman, D Rosen, E Woods
  • The Inner Consultation. How to develop an effective and intuitive consulting style  - Roger Neighbour
  • Field Guide to the difficult patient interview  - Fredric W. Platt, Geofrey H. Gordon
  • Practice Based Teaching  - Richard Hay
  • The GP Trainers Handbook - P.Middleton and S.Field
  • Pocket Guide to Teaching for Medical Instructors – K Mackway-Jones, M Walker
  • Crucial confrontations – K Patterson, J Grenny, R Mc Millan, A Switzler
  • The Little Red Yellow Black Book -  - Bruce Pascoe with AIATSIS

In addition WAGPET provides each new practice with:

  • Video camera, tripod, wide angle lens and flash memory card for consultation review
  • Web cam and headset for virtual classroom access

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