Planning Term Learning

Both ACRRM and the RACGP identify ‘Learning Plans’ in the standards and curricula as the tool registrars need to use during training.

At WAGPET, following education review and registrar comments and feedback, the mandatory use of a formal paper Learning Plan by registrars has been replaced with a concept of “planning learning”.

With the introduction of “planning learning” the registrar is encouraged to use any number of a variety of tools to plan their learning – ideally using tools that they find useful. The aim is to encourage the registrar to identify their learning strengths and needs and to plan how to fulfil these. As a GP Supervisor you are in the ideal position to support the registrar in planning their learning, and not just relying on the opportunistic learning from the patients they see.

WAGPET encourages you to engage with the registrar early in the term to identify their needs, identify what the practice can offer and work together to identify ways the registrar can meet their learning needs. This process should be repeated at least a further two times in the term as the registrar achieves their plans and then identifies other needs and builds on their knowledge and skills.

“Planning learning” is an evolving, iterative process. You the GP Supervisor, and the registrar’s Program Training Advisor, are the two people tasked with supporting the registrar as they develop their learning.

Tools which can be used by the registrar to identify their needs include:

Tools which can be used by the registrar to plan learning include:


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