The WAGPET Trainer curriculum focuses on four areas – policies and procedures, education, future of general practice and safety. (Diagram 1) The specific elements of each area is highlighted in Table 1

Diagram 1. Curriculum coverage

 Curriculum coverage

Education delivery

WAGPET continues to aim to provide a minimum of 18 hours of Trainer education each year.
Education delivery for GP Trainers are as follows:-

  • Addition of the WAGPET Trainer conference biannually
  • Teleconferences replaced by virtual classroom (with a pilot of the technology in 2010). These virtual classrooms can be recorded and transformed into online modules, allowing greater access for Trainers
  • Trainer two day orientation conducted twice a year rather than once (practice managers continue to be invited for day 1)
  • Development of an online Trainer orientation option
  • Independent options continue to be expanded and marketed to the GP Trainers
  • Reduction of Perth based workshop days to one per year (rather than two)
  • Option for regions to choose one of the annual workshop topics

Thus the delivery of GP Trainer includes regional workshops, Perth based workshops, a biannual Trainer Conference, virtual classroom sessions, online education and independent options.

Table 1 Curriculum Areas for WAGPET Trainers

Curriculum Areas for WAGPET Trainers 

Coloured text is core for GP Supervisors, Core areas for regional education MEs, Core areas for ECT visitors

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