GP Trainer Support

WAGPET has a GP Supervisor Forum on which each region is represented by their GP Supervisor Liaison Officer.  One of the Director positions on the WAGPET Board is a GP Supervisor representative and this Board member attends all meetings of the GP Supervisor Forum as do a central WAGPET representative.

The GP Supervisor Forum builds on the work done by the original members of the GP Supervisor Forum which was established in 2004 and comprised six interested and committed WAGPET GP Supervisors.

The WAGPET GP Supervisor Forum meets face-to-face at least twice a year with a further three meetings per year via teleconference.  

GP Supervisor issues should be brought to the attention of the regional GP Supervisor Liaison Officer so that these can be discussed at the GP Supervisor Forum and recommendations made to WAGPET management and Board.  

The chairman of the GP Supervisor Forum represents Western Australia at the national GPSLO Network and GPSA meetings.

National Representation for GP Supervisors

Two national organisations provide representation for GP Supervisors, the independent  GP Supervisor Association (GPSA) and the GPET funded GP Supervisor Liaison Officers Network (GPSLO Network).

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