What it means to be a GP Trainer

Supporting the next generation of GPs can be a very rewarding experience. As well as sharing your knowledge, the learning environment created can inspire all doctors in the practice. The level of supervision and teaching you provide will depend upon the term level of the registrar.

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An abundance of resources available

Want to go through the intricacies of a subacromial bursitis steroid injection or detect diabetic retinopathy with your registrars? WAGPET has many models and resources which can be loaned our to your practice to assist the teaching you provide.

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Share experiences with your peers

As part of our ongoing supervisor education, there a number of blogs you can participate in via elearning. Each week provides a new opportunity to learn from your peers by discussing innovative approaches to teaching and leaning.

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Dr Carrie Davis

ECT Visitor
My first contact with WAGPET was as a GP registrar, where WAGPET education days and support were essential for a smooth training process. I now work for WAGPET as a medical educator and ECT visitor.This role adds to my everyday general practice, allowing me to meet and teach many registrars around Perth. Teaching encourages you to keep your own learning up to date while helping GP trainees to improve their knowledge and skills.
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