For GP Trainers

For GP Trainers

The term GP Trainers encompasses a range of roles in the WAGPET training program. As can be seen in diagram 1 Trainers may only be involved in one role, but equally many trainers take on more than one role.


GP Supervisors

The AGPT training program is based on an apprenticeship model where the majority of GP training is conducted within GP clinics, Aboriginal Medical services or approved hospitals. The GP Supervisor’s role in these placements is pivotal in the training, supervision and teaching of prevocational doctors and GP Registrars during.

External Clinical Teaching (ECT) Visitors

An ECT visitor is an experienced GP who reviews the consultations of prevocational doctors and registrars through direct observation (sitting in on their consultation session) or via video taped consultations.

Regional Medical educators

Interested GPs, whether a GP Supervisor or not, who are involved in delivering the teaching in the regional education workshops conducted each semester are called Regional Medical Educators.

Sessional Medical educators

Interested GP Supervisors and ECT visitors can be involved in teaching at the Perth based workshops WAGPET conducts. As the name implies these are educators involved on a sessional basis.

WAGPET Education Consultants

While not considered a “Trainer”, opportunities do arise to be employed by WAGPET as an Education Consultant. This appointment can be from 0.3 FTE up to 1.0 FTE. The role is very varied and includes teaching, development of teaching materials for face-to-face and online delivery, ECT visits, individual registrar support and planning for the future.

You can contact the Dr Denise Findlay (Director of Education) for more information.

If you are interested in becoming a trainer you can read more in Becoming a Trainer

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