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Whether you’re a student contemplating GP, a hospital doctor wanting an experience of community medicine or someone who is ready to start your GP career now, WAGPET offers a range of innovative experiences and informative events to give a really good idea of what a career in general practice is all about.

As a General Practitioner (GP) you are a central part of your community, providing comprehensive health care, education and support to a diverse range of patients. No other medical specialty has greater patient contact or continuity of care.

General Practice is the cornerstone of the primary health care system, delivering universal, whole-of-patient, primary care to individuals, families and communities. A career in General Practice offers you:

  • a variety of medical challenges that require you to use a broad range of skills every day
  • continuity of patient care; long-term relationships with patients and families
  • dynamic team based work at the community level
  • the opportunity to specialise; from sports medicine to obstetrics to Aboriginal health to...
  • the flexibility to tailor your practice hours to suit your lifestyle
  • the choice of working in a diverse range of settings - metropolitan, rural and remote
  • rewarding remuneration during training and beyond.

GP Stakeholder Group

WAGPET is also a member of the GP Stakeholder Group which is a coalition of organisations with a vested interest in general practice in Western Australia. Member organisations include:

  • Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia
  • Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
  • Australian Medical Association (WA)
  • Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
  • Rural Health West
  • Western Australian Country Health Service
  • Western Australian General Practice Education and Training.

The GP Stakeholder Group is working together to increase the profile of general practice in WA and aims for continuous improvement in the recruitment of doctors into the specialty.

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