Regional Advisory Committee Workshop Day

On Friday 24 February, 35 members of Regional Advisory Committees (RACs) from across the state came together to network with members from other regions, share their regional knowledge and plan for the future of GP training in WA.


Participants included Regional Liaison Officers (RLOs), Supervisor Liaison Officers (SLOs), Regional Training Advisors (RTAs), Regional Executive Officers (REOs) and general members. They were joined by their WAGPET Regional Program Managers (RPMs) and Education Consultants (ECs).


The underlying theme for the day, ‘diverse singularity’, was introduced by the Chair of the WAGPET Board, Dr Damien Zilm and followed through in the opening presentation by WAGPET CEO, Dr Janice Bell, on the importance of regionalisation for GP training in WA. The theme was picked in the overview of results collected from the Regionalisation Appraisal undertaken by consultant, Ms Faye Harris. Dr David Atkinson, of the Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council, inspired the group with his presentation on the regional model of education, training and support operating in the Kimberley. Participants also had the opportunity to give input to the Board for the development of the 2013 Strategic Plan.


The most popular session of the day gave RACs the opportunity to share their experiences and talk about the activities they run in their region over the past year. This included indigenous Health Training Plans, Cultural Awareness Training sessions, Regional Education Session programs and Regional Development Activities. Participants recognised the vast differences between regions but also took stock of the similarities and picked up a few ideas about how to do things differently in their regions.


The day was an important opportunity for participants to meet with colleagues from across the state. Meetings were held for the Registrars Advisory Group, Supervisors Advisory Group and Regional Training Advisor Network. There was also a training session for the Regional Executive Officers and an informal meeting of general members.


The next RAC Workshop Day will take place early in 2013 – we’re looking forward to it already!


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