WAGPET is Western Australian General Practice Education and Training Ltd, an independent company established by a consortium of Western Australian organisations with an interest in general practice education and training.

    Funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, WAGPET is the sole provider of the Australian General Practice Training Program for GP Registrars in Western Australia and one of 17 Regional Training Providers (RTPs) in Australia appointed by the national training coordinator, General Practice Education and Training (GPET). WAGPET is also the sole provider delivering the Prevocational General Practice Placement Program (PGPPP) in WA.

    The Vision, Mission, Objectives and Guiding Principles of WAGPET are set by the Board.  They describe the fundamental purpose for the existence of WAGPET and the way it exists in its context.


    A healthy community through high quality education and training for medical and health professionals.


    To develop competent and confident medical and health professionals able to practise in a variety of settings and especially in areas of medical service need.

    Key Objectives

    • Provision of high quality primary health care training and education programs
    • Collaboration with regional service providers to regionalise what can be regionalised
    • Contribution to the solution for workforce misdistribution
    • Enhanced opportunities for working in Indigenous health settings
    • Innovation and research in primary health care education and training
    • Sustained satisfaction of participants with WAGPET services and outcomes
    • Financial and corporate viability and sustainability
    • Value for money and competitive price and product provision

     Guiding Principles

    • Teamwork
    • Regional diversity
    • Community development
    • Coordination and continuity
    • Partnership and collaboration
    • Synergy in Resource Allocation
    • Valuing people
    • Performance enhancement

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